Compagnie Carolyn Carlson - Inanna

Crowned with success, Inanna was Carolyn Carlson's first piece at the Choreographic Centre in Roubaix. At once warrior, lover, mother and seducer, the modern woman has an infinite number of roles, echoing Inanna, goddess of many faces in the Sumerian pantheon. Pure and free, fatal and lively, awkward and artificial, naked and masked, she assumes her visage and subjugates. The dance unveils her instinctive strength and explores her mysterious power.Carolyn Carlson has succeeded in inventively mixing styles with fascinating variations. A lyrical exploration of the female universe, Inanna demonstrates both the pure movement that characterises Carolyn Carlson's work and new, unexpected visions. The seven women dancers exhibit a striking power of expression; each has her own appeal, yet together they create the harmony set out by Carolyn Carlson.

An ode to the incarnation of the female being.

Homage to Francesca Woodman.